70’s Influence Strong…Again!

I was so excited to see so much 70’s influence popping up all over the place…on the fashion front and for your home. 

When Steven Tyler walked out on stage last week as judge of American Idol…I nearly jumped out of my chair!  What a fantastic shirt…and where did he get it??  This really is what we are seeing in the Design World…the jewel tone colors of purples, reds, turquoises…which have kind of been surfacing for a while.  But now they are mixed with beads and jewels.  The materials are soft, layered, and float naturally, evoking the free-spirit sense that was so strong in the 70’s.

On a recent visit to a local Fashion and Home Decor Store, I was thrilled to see the vibrant colors and gemstones featured in a new line of jewellry this lovely store is featuring.  Fabulous!!  My daughter was along for the trip, and she just loved the young funky vibe of the colors and the fun attitude of every piece.  In the meantime, I had a deja-vu back to when I was about 8…when mom sewed me a funky corduroy outfit with flared bell bottoms, which I paired with my peace-sign appliqued running shoes…Stylin’!!

And so…I am super-excited to see the Peace sign has resurfaced.  I can’t wait to stroll through the shops this spring and see all that is new, get inspired on how to change up my house and the homes of my clients.  And I can’t wait to re-live the 70’s…new and even better this time around.


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