Color, Color…so many choices!

I had a wonderful conversation with a client recently.  She couldn’t decide on a color…because she just loved so many options.  What a great dilemma, though very stressful for some.  My personal and my company motto has always been, why wash walls when you can paint??  It’s true, don’t you think? 

 There are so many gorgeous colors and patterns and fabrics coming on the market.  We are so influenced by the colors that surround us.  Each person has their own color palette that makes them feel a variety of moods…happy, energized, cozy, relaxed.  And the same goes for your home.  I believe that each home has its own color palette that reflects back all that it represents regarding the family that lives there, the atmosphere, the tone and mood.  Of course, that’s not to say we cannot paint and change it up!

A while ago, my assistant and I were happily painting a client’s home, and discussing my latest home (yes…I have had a few!)  She asked me if I brought “the door” to the new house?  I laughed…No, I did not bring “the door”!  The door she was speaking of was my pantry door.  I had studied this plain white, boring door for a few years; changed it from white, to taupe, to tan…nothing suited my lovely black tiles and countertops and stainlesss appliances.  Then, one day as I sat deep in thought with my coffee in hand, I had a shot of inspiration!  Black…that door needs to be black.  But why would I paint a plain, boring black??  Let’s spice it up and try a paint finish to add some interest and character to that boring, blah door.  And so “the door” came about!  A lovely black door with plaster details, crackled and distressed, brushed gold and silver highlights peeking through.  Ahhh…perfect. 

I am pretty sure the new homeowners would have noticed “the door” missing!  And so, I didn’t bring it–I now have a new pantry door to finish.  Hmmm…what to do?  I just know this house won’t have a black door…its just not a black house.  It is a cream house I have determined.  It will be filled with cream colors…and some gold and silver…and it will be a process of love for me to decorate and paint my home.  And as every home should be…it will be just great, because it has a family that loves it!

I have been back to visit, and see “the door”.  The lovely lady that resides there now LOVES “the door”!  Perfect…


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