Amazed…be really amazed!!

This is a crazy life–we all know that!  Family, careers, after-school activities, meals to make, social functions, tv, computers, social media—to be really honest with you, it is nice just to have a break from all of it! 

As part of my mission statement in my company to bring peace and harmony to your home…I am always looking to learn more about how to not only create the most beautiful space you can be in…no matter the size or location of your home…but also how to feel content and happy within not only your space…but your life. 

My Creative Art Director (and confidante, I might add!) and I were discussing this morning how we really should be amazed.  Even at the little things in our lives.  As told in The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha, there are so many things we should see as awesome, and should be totally amazed at.  And so, I had to tell her about my baby robins.  I have been watching them on and off for 2 weeks in utter amazement.  The last one finally “flew the coop” having survived running into my fence, the threat of a couple of large dogs always present during their practise runs, and not to mention–hiding in disguise in my large flower pot by the front door (which, I don’t know who was more scared–my 6’2″ son coming home from work one afternoon, or baby zooming out as he walked up the step!).  

And guess what??  Batch number 2 is on the way!!  Mama is very busy again…I can see her nest, hidden from view, from my office window.  And so…I am amazed.  And happy.

In designing and decorating your homes, it is a false belief that your home should look like a showhome.  Really!!  You don’t want your house to be filled with things that have no meaning to you.  You have to surround yourself with the items that have meaning and memories connected to them.  Lately, you will see a trend towards furnishings and accessories that have a bit more of a shabby-chic turned upscale…organic wooden table tops with shiny chrome legs, aged or antique accessories mixed with up-cycled glossy armoires.  Some of my favorite magazines are those that showcase the work of a variety of designers and also a vast product resource for you to be inspired by.  Take what inspiration you find in those magazines, rip out the pages of a room you have fallen in love with, and work towards creating that room.  And then realize, that you will be striving to reach that “dream room.”  It doesn’t have to be perfect right away.  Choose your paint colors, and decor items not by what is necessarily all the rage.  Be guided by that…but choose the shade that makes you happy, makes you feel comfortable…makes you feel like you!!  If you are working with a designer or decorator, be sure they see your style and take your needs into account.  Spend your hard earned money on quality, neutral pieces for the big stuff…sofas, tables, even drapery.  They’ll last long past the fads and you can switch up the colors of your accessories as your style changes and evolves.  

I have found the perfect shade of paint color for my bedroom.  It matches exactly to my bedding.  But more importantly, it is the soft, quiet shade of blue green that is going to create peace and calm.  I am super excited about it!!  But I am not going to start painting quite yet!  Summer is coming.  My deck (and its fabulous area carpet design!!) and staining is still not done…thanks to the torrential rains we have been having.  And I know that my summer with my family and friends and children are precious…and that’s where my priority lies. 

And I am very, very aware to be constantly amazed… 


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