Family Photo Gallery…Display your Loved Ones with Style

Nothing makes a house feel like your home until you surround yourself with the photos of your children and family.  I recently finished two family homes by assisting them with their family art collections.

In one instance we created a Family Gallery Wall.  This is a great way to showcase your family through the various stages of their lives, and the great memories you have from activities or vacations you have travelled on together.  It’s unique just to you, and it creates a sense of family pride amongst your children to see their photos showcased in such a special way.

The Gallery Wall you create doesn’t need to have all matching frames.  Though if you like the look of the consistency of all black contemporary, or the crispness of an all white-framed gallery against your walls, by all means start collecting those types of frames.  Some crafting stores sell entire packages of a selection of various sizes of frames with a template to follow…if you are concerned about your placement abilities, this is definitely the way to go!

I think it is fine to have an assortment of different frames for your Gallery Wall.  Keeping within the same color family will keep your collection maintain a flow when you have different styles of frames being placed together.  A variety of sizes of frames will add interest.  Varying the layout to have large, medium and small can be tricky.  I suggest beginning with the largest piece in a place of high-light, and build your layers from that.

Spacing is important also as you begin to lay-out your photos.  I suggest sorting your portraits first as to kids’ collections, photos of generations past, frames that don’t have any relationship to the style of gallery you are trying to create.  With a variety of frame sizes being hung on the wall, keep the spacing in-between consistent.  2 -3 inches is what I prefer as it ensures a cohesive look without being too crowded.

As you create an off-set placement of your large to small frames, you allow yourself to add to your gallery as the years pass.  As in the Wall we created for our client most recently, some of the frames needed to be up-dated or changed out to fit the style selection of the majority of their family portraits, which consisted most of ornately embellished frames in dark wood tones.  Some had gold or metallic highlights which gave them an eclectic feel with which they can add and change frames as they desire.

By grouping your Family Photos together, you are celebrating your family and your home.  You are giving your photos importance by grouping them together as a feature to all that visit your home.


Gallery Wall Courtesy of Pottery Barn

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