Whew…December’s Here!

Wow…December is here!  ‘Tis the Season and may I say “Yay”!!  I love the Christmas Season and have been thoroughly enjoying the excitement brewing with friends and family.

A seemingly global decision has been made by so many people to simplify their Christmas season and festivities.  I have heard from alot of people that they are not going overboard with shopping, planning to spend more time visiting friends and family, and really just trying to get back to a simpler time for holidays.

On the decor front, I have loved looking through all the new Christmas decorations in the stores.  There are fabulous glittering, shining goodies…and there is also a real feeling of vintage decor coming back.  We have been recommending to clients that they don’t need to go spend alot of money on more decor…just look through your own decorations and see what you can re-vamp and re-style.  Pull items from rooms and use them in unexpected places.  A quick spray of gold and silver spray paint will give some tired tree ornaments some glitz and glam.  Visit your local craft stores and dollar stores…there are some amazing ribbons, florals, and decor to add a touch of new for not alot of cost.  We all love the coziness of the Christmas season…cozy up your house with time-worn and well-loved items.  I really think decorating for the holidays helps us get through our long Canadian winters!

Vintage is creeping into home decor more and more.  A current project of Vintage Garden and Custom Design is what we are presently working on.  It is a sign of people craving that unique look for their home that you just can’t get by buying a ready-made furniture package.  How absolutely refreshing to be able to mix high-end with existing fabrics and decor, and have a request to throw in some customized painted furniture to add to a distinct personality for the home and our lovely clients.  I love that!!

As we get closer to the Christmas Season, I hope you will add love and cheer to your home…enjoy time spent with neighbors and friends, and delight in the smiling faces of all the little ones so excited about the arrival of Santa!


Vintage Decor courtesy of HomeInteriorZone.com

Vintage Decor courtesy of homeinteriorzone.com