Garden Inspirations as Easter Arrives…

The signs of Spring abound…we have had incredibly warm weather, the Canada Geese and Robins are back, and the Easter Bunny will soon arrive!

 Photo Courtesy of Style at Home

I have been excited about the arrival home of my two college aged kids…for a short stint at Easter, and then for summer as they take a break from their schooling.  And then the fear of God set in, as they both bring home with them the contents of their temporary college homes…argh…my already crunched-for- space garage will be filled to the brim!  Some current paint and decorating projects will have to be shifted around, and a Garage Sale may be in order…but til then, let the preparations for Easter begin!!

Photo Courtesy of Riches to Rags by Dori


The addition of fresh flowers to your home always gets everyone in the feeling of Spring.  Raised in the home of a perennial (literally!) gardener, the appearance of Easter Lilies or fresh bouquets adorning our dining table was an annual tradition.  On a recent trip home to my parents, I was amazed at my dad’s ability to over-winter Geraniums, Amaryllis, and a huge variety of house plants.  A skill I have never been able to master, I save my gardening abilities for creating outdoor beds and tending to my ever-changing design plans for my yard.  A process always in motion, I find it a relaxing time that proves to be very rewarding, even during our very short growing season!!

Photo Courtesy of Sagewood Design

One of my largest garden projects completed was my grouping of shrub beds created to take up space on our former acreage!  Low-maintenance was the main focus…we surrounded the beds with large rocks, and filled in around the shrubbery with gravel.  To keep weeds from peeking through your landscape fabric, use layers of newspaper after you have removed the sod.  Yes, the people at the recycling bins will think you are crazy…but it is all in the name of keeping life simple!  We had a well-head and a septic cover that we needed to conceal.  We used Dekorra Rock, supplied by our friend, Diane, of  Ezee Rock, to blend in seamlessly with all of the real rocks.  Pictured below is one of three huge rockery beds we created…in the background you can see the large circular fire pit area.  Designed specifically to house all seating within the area of the rocks and gravel, we no longer had the hassle of moving heavy lawn furniture each time we needed to mow.  It was a dream to keep this area looking neat and tidy, and safe because all sparks from the fire landed on the stones, rather than the grass.

Photo Courtesy of Sagewood Design

Whatever your Spring gardening projects are, save yourself time and money by planning ahead.  Just as you would inside your home, draw up sketches and plans.  Remember that those tiny trees you plant may some day be huge…so placement of those is imperative.  Consider the views from your interior out to your garden area.  Create focal points, and build up layers around these areas to highlight them from both inside and outside your home.

Enjoy the warm spring weather,  and your family this Holiday Easter  Weekend!