Time for Redesigning your Home…and your Life!

Make this year the year to get yourself on track.  Set some goals, do some good, make it happen.  Enjoy life more.  Learn lots.  As we enter 2012, let’s think about what we can do with “this” year. Some things in our life happen by chance, and some things happen by design.  So make this year the year that everything counts…it’s the year to “re-design” your life.

Always forefront in my mind is to create a home.  Really.  Be proud and grateful for your home, everyday…and make it a great place to be.  Tackle your rooms, one by one, and address the problems presented to you.  Choose soothing paint colors that you love!  A good scrub-down and a fresh coat of paint is great to lift your spirits.  If that room is a dumping ground for old furniture, kid’s outgrown clothes, and paper piles–guess what??  It’s time to de-clutter.  Set up a system to remove the stuff you don’t need.  Love your recycling program.  I am so happy every Thursday when my guys come to pick up all that junk that just clutters up my garage…and my life.

Challenge yourself to re-use articles in your home in a new and fun way.  Up-cycle some photo frames, a night stand, or even a lamp with a few coats of paint.  Need new decor??  Check out vintage and second hand stores for some steals.  On a recent stroll through a store filled with vintage stuff, I found two designer frames and a small woven tapestry.  Sooo exciting!!  With a plan to decoupage beautiful paper into the picture frames, I am assured to create items that are unique and gorgeous…all for $15.00!

When we talk of creating peace and harmony in your home, its important to work on that for yourself, too.  There are many great life coaches and sevices to help you with creating personal happiness.  Take time each day to sit quietly.  Make a concious effort to have some quiet time. There is a very real problem with being tuned in all the time to all the electronics and technology available to us…so it is imperative for your health and the health of your children to make time for quiet.  Try something new…take a yoga class or maybe that photography course you’ve been thinking about for so long.  Reach out to a friend or neighbor that may need your support.  Volunteer some time to help others.

Realize that all of these steps are the building blocks to building your happy, peaceful life.  You get back what you put out.

Make 2012 fabulous!!


“Cheers to a New Year, and another chance for us to get it right!” –Oprah


Keep Life Simple…Buy What You LOVE…

So I have had these thoughts lately about the recent programs showcasing “couponing”.  I whole-heartedly admire these folks tenacity to get a great deal!  I am one who loves a bargain…always looking for a new piece of art or decoration…checking out the latest in garden decor, scouring antique and second-hand stores for cool furniture pieces…debating the value of spending this much on an item I am not really that in love with…or deciding to wait until the perfect piece jumps up and screams, “pick me, pick me!!”  The latter is a skill I have honed the older I get.  Buy something you LOVE!! End of Story.  No more taking home that quirky, wierd little kitchen decoration that you kinda like, it’s kinda cute, but hmmm, I’m not sure…no more! 

And as I watch the program of the lady who buys 28 bottles of Liquid Laundry Detergent, 37 packages of Toilet Paper, and 13 bottles of  Bathroom Cleaner, I get a little concerned.  Actually, the first thing that popped into my mind was this is a little like hoarding.  Although it is organized hoarding, I think.  Homeowners have converted spare bedrooms normally reserved for special guests like your mom (or a best friend, niece, nephew…) to glorified storage rooms to house the latest coupon deals they racked up at the latest grocery store raid.  Seriously people, is it really necessary to purchase this much stuff?!!  There is no way in this world that one single family needs this many bottles of cleaner, shampoo, soap, etc.  I beg you…please don’t give up valuable real estate in your home to stack shelving full of stuff just because it was on sale. 

It’s not that I am against couponing…I think it’s a fantastic idea.  I have enjoyed many a couponing-shopping trip on visits down south where we can come away with a phenomenal amount of new summer clothes, and many, many great pairs of shoes–and we can all use more shoes, right?!  The trick is to still keep in mind to purchase things you can use.  Within this lifetime.  If you can find a great deal on 6 pair of dress pants (and you can, just ask my husband), then go for it…but you must get rid of the 6 old pairs of dress pants hanging in your closet at home.  Donate those old clothes to a good cause, and feel absolute pleasure hanging up the beautiful new items and smile about how you got them for a steal!

My collegues and friends keep striving to live a more simple, clean, and ultimately lighter life…too much stuff weighs you down and clutters up your being.  We love a good shopping trip…we have driven down little country roads, manoeuvred big city streets, and orchestrated entire days revolving around how many home decor shops we can hit.  Believe me, these are some serious shopping enthusiasts.  But now we do things a little different.  We buy what we love…and when we get home, we know that once again, it’s time to edit.  Out with the old, in with the new!  We should probably be a little thankful, too, that we can’t coupon quite as extreme here as our neighbors south of the border…